flfSLK Ishelg -06 XV International Ice Messenger Conference

Lead information on the XV International Ice Messenger Conference

Friluftsfrämjandet i Värmland and Solstaskärets långfärdsskridskoklubb invite representatives for all organised tour skating to a conference the 20-22th January 2006 in Carlstad Conference Center situated in central Karlstad by Klarälven.

Fare, accomodation and tours
We plan these alternatives for the participants with preliminary prices:

  1. 2 nights room with two beds, 2 breakfast, 2 provisions, dinner, tours with bus transportation and conference (1500 SEK)
  2. 1 night room with two beds, 1 breakfast, 1 provision, dinner, tours with bus transportation and conference (1200 SEK)
  3. tours with bus transportation, dinner and conference (700 SEK)

Be prepared for an early start both Saturday and Sunday. For Friday it is planned for a with consideration to weather and ice conditions. Most of all we antecipate a number of parallell discussions on probable subjects:


  • common, Friluftsfrämjandet/Skridskoförbundet, big/medium/small clubs, regional


  • Skridskonätet, maps, GPS, ice- och lake information

Security/ Equipment

  • security, knowledge about injuries, reports of incidents, insurancies


  • training for beginners, training for leaders, training for ice messengers, weather information and weather forecasts, leader signs, standardisation, tour groups, ice knowledge and knowledge how to behave on ice.

We will take notes in all groups and put them together after the conference.

Contact us if you have some point of view or if you want to contribute to the content of the conference! Our ambition is to have a preliminary program in March 2005 and an invitation ready by August 2005.

We hope that the participants can co-ordinate bus transports to Karlstad regionally. Maybe a bus from Mälardalen, one from Småland/Östergötland, one from Skåne/Västra Götaland.

Ice messenger on duty

Contact: Mikael Henriksson
Contact: Bengt Jakobsson
Report Saturday 21 January
Report Sunday 22 January
Photo album

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